Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speed Personal Project - Abandoned City

Engine: Unreal Tournament 3 with Gears of War Assets
Time Spent: 9 days
Story background:
The year is 2030. The world has been taken over by infected mutants.The mutants are smart, they hide in the sewer system and come out only when they are hungry for flesh. Three years have gone by and a great number of cities are abandoned, including City 17. Every so often the military will send out squads to these abandoned cities to collect resources. On January 13th during a resource collecting mission, Alpha team was ambushed by mutants. The player's mission is to rescue Alpha team. However, during the flight to City 17, an unknown creature attacked the player’s aircraft. The player crash landed into a factory somewhere inside City 17. The player makes his way to a certain theater where Alpha team send out their last signal. The player discovers that it was too late and Alpha team has already been perished. The base sends out another aircraft to extract the player, but the player must reach the top of a highway for any hopes of

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