Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Call of Duty Advance Warfare art dump

hey guys, it's been a while, here are some of the environments I've worked on in CoD: AW. I will upload more in the future. Enjoy!

I am responsible for all of the level construction and small amount of textures shown in the screenshots below. Lighting, effects, characters, textures, models are made by my fellow teammates.

Also apologies for some of the images looking flat.. apparently right before the game ship certain "optimization" and screen toning was done by third party and this is what we're left with :(

An destroyed Korean subway station

I modeled and textured the wall modules. (a modular system that is easy to use for the other teammates)
I modeled the hanging screen, ceiling destruction, and the long desk. Screen graphic, chairs, and the huge console in the middle are made by my fellow teammates
Had the opportunity to make whatever I want in this restaurant combat space.. I had lot of fun!
High speed chase scene that requires the player to jump between cars