Tuesday, November 9, 2010

X-men Origins Wolverine Work - Weapon X Lab

Hello again! Here are my work for the Weapon X Lab in X-men Origins: Wolverine game.

This is where Wolverine got his shiny claws!

Compare to the Sentinel Lab, this level is more realistic and gory looking instead of the clean and Sci-Fi Look. Using the existed models and textures, I constructed many rooms in this level. With a basic light rig made by the talented guys at Raven, I also lit most of the rooms I constructed as well.   During the production of this level, I was mentored by some FANTASTIC artist at Raven - Derrick Hammond, Justin Dinges, Gustavo Rasche and more. Thanks to them, I felt like I was able to take my artwork to the next level compare to the Sentinel Lab.

Here are some shots from the level

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